Serving The Heart Of Our Community

A dream of many years in the making.

Here’s to the start of something beautiful.

With support from the Archdiocese and community organizations like the Thelma Gibson Health Initiative, we are taking our Sacred Heart mission and legacy to the next level. We are building an elementary school at Villa Woodbine that will make the community proud and extend the gift of a Sacred Heart education to boys.

Whether it’s through good design, landscaping, traffic pattern management, or excellent education offerings for tomorrow’s leaders, Woodbine School of the Sacred Heart will be an asset to the community.

Our Commitment

Educating the Leaders of Tomorrow

Woodbine School will mold boys into young men with active and creative minds, a sense of understanding and compassion for others, and the courage to act on their beliefs.

Villa Woodbine will be preserved by an experienced team.

Sacred Heart's commitment to the stewardship of resources, both environmental and historic, has been evident in Miami at Carrollton School of the Sacred Heart for over 60 years. Sacred Heart educators have proven they can be trusted to do the right thing at Villa Woodbine while protecting the quality of life for Coconut Grove residents. Students will enjoy 21st-century academic facilities, while appreciating the timeless character of this historic site.

The natural beauty remains.

The Bayshore Drive scenic view will remain essentially untouched, and coral rock walls will be preserved and restored.

Planting trees for the future

We will be planting 117 native trees to create a robust canopy that will thrive in South Florida’s climate. But before that, we need to remove 54 trees that are prohibited species, and many trees that are in bad condition or dead. Today, there are 164 trees on the property, but the majority are not in good condition. Tomorrow, we will have 165 healthy trees, making the landscaping a future point of pride.

We are committed to solutions that mitigate any perceived traffic concerns.

Our traffic studies indicate that our long-one way drives will absorb our drop-off and pick-up traffic, and we continue to explore ways to help reduce traffic in the Grove such as the use of vans and buses and right-hand-only turns.

Our plan is mindful and appropriate.

The school expects to be an intimate learning environment with plans to enroll a maximum of 336 students. We are building a 47,000-square-foot school on a property where another owner could add up to 100,000 square feet.

Our plans confine construction of the primary educational facility to the already existing footprint for parking and homes on the property. All secondary structures to the villa are designed in the same style as the Villa Woodbine to maintain aesthetics.

Overhead view of the planned building zone, showing the various school buildings, amenities, and trees that will be in place

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